feature_press_onccI am a 50+ years TV veteran (www.robertchua.com) who has in recent years turned to F&B to share my philosophy of providing healthy ‘TV content’ into providing healthy ‘Food Content’ to the people. As a creative and innovative person I have now created Asia’s first French Bakery that uses all products made with French ingredients and imported directly from France, unlike many made locally in their Bakery with mixed flour or ingredients from various countries. We are 100% made in France!

Instead of providing healthy TV content to one’s ‘sight’ I am now providing healthy food content to one’s ‘taste’. My wish is to make top quality French Bakeries’ products affordable to all in Asia.

At ‘A La Bakery’ we import healthy French products that are ‘GMO free’. The dough is made in France with French water by top French bakers for us to freshly bake in Hong Kong. We serve only organic coffee and tea from France.

A La Bakery provides the very best of French Artisan Macarons, Bread, Pastries and Cakes.

We are proud to bring a piece of France to Hong Kong by offering some traditional classics products using only the best quality French flour, pure butter with water under French climate, all made in France, all GMO free.

Inspired by the villages of France where one can enjoy fresh produce straight from the bakery, we at A La Bakery would each day freshly bake a wide range of French bread, pastries, savories and cakes. Customers at our Bakery would often see our Bakers walk in every 15 minutes or so with freshly baked products to fill our shelves.

Please come and enjoy our delicious “100% certified pure butter” Croissants, traditional Baguettes, original Palmiers, fresh Apple Turnovers, premium Pains au Chocolate, delicious Eclairs and many other exciting bread, pastries, cakes and macarons. We also offers a fantastic selection of healthy organic breads and ‘gluten free’ products.

France without bread is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower. At A La Bakery when it comes to baguettes and croissants, there is no equal to France’s famous bakeries and patisseries where both baguette and croissant ​are award winners, served in Michel​in stars ​restaurants ​throughout France​.

Croissant – This traditional croissant is ​made with 100% ​cer​t​ified ​pure ​fine ​butte​r, ​crunchy on the outside, fluffy and flaky on the inside.

Palmier ​- ​is ​made with 100% natural ingredients, ​a​ ​​unique butter​fl​y puff pastry​,​ ​one of the best ​from Paris.

The Apple Turnover​ -​ is made with top quality ​fresh apples​, a delicious pastry with natural, rich and intense flavour.

Le ​Pain au ​Chocolate​ – is a true classic ​made with fine ​premium ​chocolate, the taste is ​light, moist and ​yet ​perfectly balanced.​

The Artisan Macaron is made from a centuries-old recipe containing only fresh egg white, top quality almond and fine raw sugar. These Glutin-free macarons use no cream, no butter, no jam and no artificial flavoring or coloring. They are made with the highest-quality, 100% pure and Natural Essential Oils. A Love at First bite!

At A La Bakery we provide our customers with the very best of French delicacies, top quality bread, delicious Pastries, Artisan Macarons and Organic Coffee and Tea from one the top French Coffee brands.

An Affordable Luxury for all to enjoy!

P/S: A La Bakery Co-Founder is my wife who designed the overall look and responsible for our product range. We being new, welcome any comments you may have for us to improve.

Robert Chua