100% GMO Free
100% Authentic French​ Pro​d​ucts
100% French​ Premium​ Flour
100%​ made​ ​with ​French Water​/climate​
​100% Freshly Baked​
100% ​Affordable Luxury​

I am a 50+ years TV veteran ( who has in recent years turned to F&B to share my philosophy of providing healthy ‘TV content’ into providing healthy ‘Food Content’ to the people. As a creative and innovative person I have now created Asia’s first French Bakery that uses all products made with French ingredients and imported directly from France, unlike many made locally in their Bakery with mixed flour or ingredients from various countries. We are 100% made in France!
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À La Bakery offers​ ​​5-star quality​ ​​Gourmet Bread & Pastries. 100%​ French,​ ​symbolizing ​​​​quality​​ and​​ refinement at Good Value​ while uphold​ing the highest hygiene standards on Food Safety.​

À La Bakery Bread are ​all made in France,​ ​GMO free, made from the highest-quality ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial flavo​u​r enhancers and coloring. À La Bakery Bread are ​daily oven french,​ natural, refined, shaped manually by hand using ​the traditional French process and method ​to create a flavour that is ​​resolutely modern…
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